Production quality custom kitchens

We already have 14 year production of modern and rustic cuisine to order. The main advantage of our production kitchen on peace is very an extensive selection of materials, surface finishes and fittings. Also thanks to the use of different details according to your needs We are able to produce kitchen exactly according to the customer's requirements. We also manufacture across the Board the bent parts kitchens. For inspiration, we have prepared client an extensive photo gallery of kitchen sorted by style sheets (e.g., modern kitchen, rustic kitchen, etc.). For a precise idea of the final appearance of the offer 3D visualization of the kitchen. We cooperate also with numerous architects, some of whom are engaged in FENG SHUI. We will discus with you, for free and without any obligations, your requirements and we will suggest the appropriate solution to your new kitchen or furniture. We will do it in the site of future implementation. Our high-quality cuisine of the Czech production we provide 5-year warranty period for the joinery processing. Wherever possible, we use fittings from the company BLUM with a lifetime guarantee. We pay on a personal approach to each client, whether or not on the reliability and serious negotiations. We offer special prices for kitchen appliances Bosch, SIEMENS, AEG, Miele the Electrolux when implementing a new kitchen.

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venkovsky_styla svetovy_styla

Kitchen made of high quality materials

For the long life of the kitchen cupboards and furniture is very important to use only high-quality materials. For our production kitchen, we use only best materials from leading European producers.


(Cabinet without door and front surfaces) made of high-quality laminated particle board of plates on the strength of 18 mm from the the Austrian manufacturer Egger, which has the highest quality and widest selection of. Of course, it is possible to use the plates and particle boards from other manufacturers. In case of need it is possible to produce from the corpora biodesek (composite solid wood), or from piedroits (glued solid wood parts) or any material cladding which are financially far more demanding materials. On the back side (back) not from strength but also for reasons the laminated particle boards.

The Edges

for pasting edges of corpora and front surfaces we use  high quality ABS plastic the edges. We use high-quality low-melt Adhesive for pasting glue mixed with urethane from  German producer Jowatthat increased temperature and humidity resistant due to the use of mainly around appliances with hot air and steam room (oven, dishwasher, hood, or bathroom).

Doors and fronts

in kitchens must be made from such materials, which can withstand moisture and scratch to a certain extent. The second parameter is the design of the front surfaces. The choice is quite a wide range of materials. In the kitchens, we don't use (when the us client specifically requested) foliovaná kitchen door because of problems with the odchlipující with the foil sides and especially for appliances with hot air and steam. In terms of color, painted surfaces, we use high-quality varnish in multilayered spray from the Italian manufacturer Icla. These lacquers can be in the polomatném implementation, and even in high gloss. Deep Matt surface I do not recommend due to maintenance. The least demanding on maintenance polomatné perform. Of course there are to choose from in thousands of colours. For veneered materials and massive painting we use varnish from the same company and it either in the implementation of polomatném, which is their resistance on the floor or in the destined to perform deep matte varnish for the effect of untreated natural wood. As regards the quality of artificial Board materials for kitchen cabinets, so is the selection of a wide variety of shades and finishes in the surface high gloss Senosan or, for example, from the company and in Thermopal laminates (not laminated on corpora) predominantly from Egger.

Worktops in the kitchen

they are an important, and after the door and frontal areas the most loaded part of the kitchen. Therefore, it is necessary to make their surface abrasion, to some extent, water and temperature resistant, easy to clean and pleasant to the touch. Equally important is the quality implementation services and the ends of the job boards, in order to avoid ingress of moisture and therefore won't be the core for the plates, which are the core of the chipboard or wood.

Laminate worktops (Postforming)

are the basic number of job boards for the production of high-quality kitchen. It's particle board with a total strength of 3.8 cm, 0,6 mm strong organic floorings daubed with a layer to Overlay at the bottom side of the Board, and therefore there is no vnik of water to the chipboard. Most often we use quality worktops from the Austrian manufacturer Eggerbut, if necessary, from other equally high quality manufacturers. These boards have the advantage of favourable prices, availability of back panels and sealing strips in decorating the desks, easy maintenance, wide range of designs and are pleasant to the touch (not cold as a natural or artificial stone). In the case of a standard treatment lasts this job board at least 12 years or more. Compared with 17 (and more) more expensive stone work surfaces have the advantage that the laminate can be replaced by after x years, new trends and it still comes out cheaper than Stone Countertop that will have okoukala over the years.

Compact laminate worktops

are made basically of layered laminate, and just overall worktop thickness of about 10 – 15 mm. it is rather design solution the forces of the worktop and often used even on bathroom cabinets. The price is several times higher than for laminate worktops.

Wooden working boards

have the advantage of purely natural and pleasant appearance and are thus appropriate for rustic kitchen. The disadvantage of these job boards is their coating, which often last the daily loads (visible scratches and joints), and subsequently, the time gets it on humidity below the wood, which varies according to the type species by its color. This can be to a certain extent prevent the frequent sealing oil and, therefore, this surface very demanding on maintenance in order to remain of the original appearance. So the worktop of solid wood, I would rather suggest to the kitchen with a not so frequent traffic (e.g., weekend operation). The price of these boards is to break compared to the laminátovým plates and varies according to the type of wood.

Stone worktops (technical stone)

– the technical working of stone, for example Technistone or Silestone. It is a mixture of crushed stone and ingredients associated polyester resin. The advantage of this material is the more luxurious appearance of the kitchenhigh abrasion resistance compared to the labour boards and laminated nonabsorbent surface and thus maintenance-free operation compared to natural stone. Furthermore, it is an advantage compared to monolithic design work laminated fit worktop with sink of the same material. The disadvantage compared to natural stone is nondurability against damage for example the hot plate from the oven or pot. The disadvantage compared to laminated labour boards is the impression of a cold surface. The price of the worktop of the artificial stone is approximately 10 times higher than job boards for laminate.

Stone worktops (natural stone)

– worktops of natural stone (granite) have an advantage over the artificial stone in the the natural appearance and higher surface hardness. Resistance to high temperatures (hot pot) is sufficient compared to the working surfaces of the artificial stone. The disadvantage is approx. 3% water absorption surface so for proper maintenance is required once a year to treat the surface. The second disadvantage is the impression of a cold surface. The price of worktops of natural stone is approximately 10 times higher than job boards for laminate.

Cleaning and maintenance

On any materials and finishes used for the production of kitchen It is not appropriate to use abrasive cleaners (liquid sands, etc.). The ideal is to use a cotton cloth, moistened with dishwashing liquid. In the case of strong impurities is possible, exceptionally, to use the technical petrol or paint thinner, but it is important to always do a test on the place where it is least noticeable, whether these resources will not wrode or otherwise do not destroy the surface of the material. For more information, I recommend you to contact the vendor or manufacturer of the material or surface treatment.


Has a major effect on the correct operation of the kitchen furniture, and therefore we use only the highest quality manufacturers of fittingssuch as Blum, Hettich, etc.

The warranty on the kitchen counter

On all of our cuisine, our own production We provide 5 year warranty the joiner's processing. It is possible to apply customer service. The company provides so-called fittings Blum. lifetime warrantywhich basically means that if the first owner of the furniture in the lifetime of the furniture fittings from non-breaks Blum (not, however, faulty installation or inappropriate consumption), so the company will provide free of charge a new piece of Blum of the fitting.

The last realization of kitchen Pantyo

Kuchyňská linka v barevném nástřiku v kombinaci s dubovou dýhouModern kitchen (3.1)
This kitchen we produced according to the design of Interior Design. The materials used and the colours are aligned with the   floor, decoration and interior design living room, which is directly linked to the kitchen space. Frontal area are in the   a combination of veneer and oiled oak polomatné lightly creamy color. This combination gives this modern kitchen pleasant and luxurious look. An important detail are tailored made and painted knobs, which coincide with a   front surfaces. On the desktop, and the poultice was applied technical stone, which at first sight also adds luxurious appearance of the kitchen. Another feature is the stainless steel grid, which has both a designer, but also a practical function, and it separated partially space kitchen and living room. Client, architect and we were very satisfied with the result of  .

Luxusní kuchyňská linka z mořené a lakované dýhyLuxury kitchen (3.5)
This kitchen we produced according to the design of Interior Design. Kitchen is designed so that, if necessary, concluded the cooking zone in the main part of the kitchen door and disturb the zásuvně deck so the view from the living area, which is directly related to the area of the kitchen. Fronts are made from stained and lacquered veneer in combination with natural oak lacquered veneer in the cooking zone. On the desktop, and the poultice was applied technical rock. The luxurious appearance adds to this the kitchen counter and suitably chosen lights over a kitchen island. The investor, architect and we were satisfied with the result.



Kuchyňská linka dle inspirativní fotografie na míru.Kitchen from inspirational photos (420)
This kitchen we produced by inspiring photographs from the client. Together, we have modified the availability of space. An integral part of the kitchen is a painting, which supplies the needed contrast. On the frontal area was used in the cream color tint semi-matte, which comes together with profilacemi and ramps, the kitchen very pleasant appearance. Add-ons such as herbs also give the kitchen a lively appearance. On the desktop, was used in the laminated worktop decor of wood, which is a very good complement to the hue of the faces. An important detail is also appropriately chosen taps. The client and we were very happy with the result and the similarities with inspirational photos.

Jídelní stůl s kompasem na míru.Dining table with a compass (3.2, 3.3)
Dining table with a compass we produced according to the customer's design. Table leg is composed of circles made from solid oak wood. The wood around the table is stained and lacquered varnish stress. However, the Board has in its center the compass created embedded inlay from different kinds of veneer. To maintain the stability of its linchpin is attached to the center of the floor. This is a very specific implementation. With the result we were both very satisfied customer.


Kuchyně v retro stylu na míru.Retro kitchen made from inspirational photos (3.7)
Inspiration for the design and manufacture of this kitchen was inspiring photos from the magazine, which the client alone, and in collaboration with the architect was the final proposal. According to this proposal, we made the kitchen, which is the added value for the client, as opposed to cooking studies. The production itself was preceded by the preparation of samples of materials, surfaces and colors. Just brushed the surface of solid wood, mutatis mutandis, in conjunction with the appropriate hue of the base color and the top, and also technologies, indispensable role plays steps in the final design of this kitchen. For the production of kitchen was used only solid wood in conjunction with organic wax oil and colours that have a certification even for the production of children's toys. So you can say that, from this point of view is this kitchen interesting. Important elements in the final outcome, of course, are appropriately used the sink with the battery, the oven with hood, a poultice for line, light fixtures and switches. As you can see in the photo, so the result is very good one and we are happy with him, we as manufacturers, and the architect and client, especially as you can see in the reference from 9. 3.2012 (see. Reference in the upper right corner of the Web site).

Stojany na nože na míru.Stands on the blades (3.11)
The client approached us with the fact that he bought a plastic knife racks with one, but a color matched up to the kitchen. And the idea was to cover up the guard is to coordinate the design of the kitchen. The appearance of the product, designed by the client himself, and I'm just partially only. The corpora we made of lathed hardwood directed to the Red high gloss, and at the same time we arranged and design stainless steel rings. The result of the hit from the client's wishes and is thus satisfied and we also.




Jídelní stůl s lavicí na míru v kombinaci dubu a sklaDining table with bench (3.12)
The design of this kitchen furniture we designed in cooperation with the client. The award was such that the furniture he worked as nejvzdušnějším, and therefore we do what the thinnest front the front edge to parts from different points of view were thinly. Table and bench are made from solid oak with a olejovanou coating. This combination fits well to the Interior with oak oiled floor. The airy feel of the furniture also supports a glass table top. The client and we are very satisfied with the result.

Kuchyňská linka v lakovaném provedení v kombinaci s technickým kamenemModern painted kitchen (3.13)
Kitchen we produced as proposed by Mrs-architect in collaboration with me. The modern kitchen is in the combination of Matt paint and technical stone, used on the worktop and kitchen tiling, which gives a pleasant and luxurious look. In the design of the architect held the Lady line and minimalistic simplicity. Also used handles support clean and minimalistic look. As a slightly contrasting design we have used add-in wall clock. The atmosphere of elegant lamps, suitably selected support. Client, Mrs. architect and we were satisfied with the result, see  Reference when implementing a new kitchen.

Kuchyňská linka v lakovaném provedení s rustikální pracovní deskou a obklademA kitchen in lacquered finish in combination with rustic worktop and wall cladding (3.14)
This modern kitchen interior design we produced according to the designer. Together with the client and designer we fine tune the details of Mrs, suitable choice of materials and appliances. The counter we have produced in the polomatném injection in the shade of a white patina. We chose to do so in a light contrast rustic oak laminate countertop Egger and tiling. Its very realistic texture and color we supported medium-warm light from the LED tape to illuminate the work area. The worktop and tile are linked with its appearance on the floor in the kitchen, living room and dining room. For the minimalist look is the kitchen fitted with handles in the style of pipe alu profiles. Internal material we chose the Egger laminate in the same shade as the frontal area.
Contrast-medium grey drawers Blum are constructed with non-slip days and stainless Dresser Blum. The Recycle Bin is fully integrated into the sink cabinet and one sliding door is available with two 17 l and two 8 l containers. This nejfunkčnější system Recycle Bin Blum is suitable even at the cost of higher financial claims carry electric actuator Blum for his maximum functionality. One impulse the knee itself fully ejected and second basket the impulse of the knee again automatically. Corner base cabinets we have dual půlkruhovýma policema, of which the bottom is connected to the door, so when opening the door at the bottom of the shelf slides out for good clarity. The top shelf, where necessary, ejects a second stroke. Is it possible the connection of the two shelves on the door. Mrs. Designer, client and we are satisfied with the result.

Moderní kuchyňská linka v lesklém provedení v kombinaci s tmavým dřevemModern kitchen in a glossy finish (3.8)
This modern kitchen we designed in cooperation with the client. We were planning the layout and proportions of the limited existing freestanding fridge and its height, the height of the ceiling and also the total dimensions of the room. Size of the room did not allow other television than on the location of the kitchen island. However, cooking or wash dishes by is not limited. On the lower frontal area we wish to clients used the artificial material in red high gloss and in combination on the upper frontal area we used the white glass in aluminium frames, to lighten the appearance of this kitchen. The material for the countertop, we chose the contrast-imitation wood which during the lighting of worktop creates a cozy atmosphere. On the countertop material is used foliovaný from Egger choice clients. The result is a satisfied client, see Reference and we on the conditions that restricted us also.

Moderní kuchyňská linka z lakované dubové dýhyKitchen from lacquered Oak veneer (3.10)
Available and the appearance of this kitchen designed by client's. The kitchen serves as the background for the preparation of beverages and snacks for the outdoor terrace, which is connected to this room. Visible surfaces are made of varnished Oak veneer in combination with frosted glass. Use natural varnished Oak veneer here is advantageous for warmer and cozier feel, because the tile and countertop acts coldly. For the lackluster design, we used the úchytkový edge profile. The worktop is made of natural stone. The client is very satisfied with the results, see Reference. I would personally vote for a different look (warmer and brighter) floor tiles and worktops.



Kuchyňská linka na míru lakovaná do vysokého leskuKitchen to lacquered high gloss (3.16)
This modern kitchen we produced according the design by Mrs. Designer in cooperation with us. We wanted to achieve a modern, airy design and clean lines. For this reason, we at the frontal area used a flat surface bearing the white paint in high gloss from Icla Import. For the clean lines of the new kitchen, we instead use the handle-less hooks inside the profiles from the company Schachermayer. On the countertop, we used artificial stone-Technistone that kitchen added more luxurious appearance. To achieve air-design a new kitchen, we used instead of cladding for the countertop fully washable design spatula in color to the countertop. Clients, Mrs. Designer we are satisfied with the result, as evidenced by testimonials from clients.


Kuchyňská linka na míru v lakovaném provedení  Kitchen in a classic style and painted design (3.17)
The proposal for this kitchen drew for the client according to the designer Lady and together we fine tune the ergonomics and the details. The main elements of this kitchen are her frame door in   lacquered finish in combination with     rustic work top and stylish wall cladding for the work area. Space for this kitchen in   classic style was not too large, which corresponds to the distribution of kitchen zones. Even though we are, Mrs. Designer and client with   the result of a very happy see reference.

Moderní lakovaná kuchyňská linka ve vysokém leskuModern kitchen in lacquered high gloss (3.15)
The client approached me on the basis of a positive recommendation and the previous contract, which I have for him. After visiting with the client and a non-binding indication of what he would like to realize, I immediately sent a no-obligation quote. Based on his realization of the order confirmation, we agreed to a second meeting with a client, to which we discussed his ideas and my ideas and recommendations on the improvement of certain details and using better materials. Also, we discussed the requirements for all the appliances, sink and a battery, which we subsequently supplied. This modern kitchen I outfitted my recommendation-quality built-in appliances Siemens and high-quality Blanco sink and batteries. The faces are lacquered to a high gloss. On the countertop and tile I used a good quality artificial stone-Technistone. To support the client's taste on a clean minimalist look, I used the handle-less profile system. The cabinets are made of   high-quality laminate, Egger and all fittings from Austrian manufacturer Blum. The bottom drawers are equipped with non-slip days. Waste sorters are commonplace. Personally I do not recommend clients never nothing, what I am not convinced that this is really good. And personally I'm very picky on the details, as evidenced by, for example, invisible corner cladding or drip grooves and milled into stone worktops. I and the client we very satisfied with the result of  .