Kitchen – Classic style

Here we have prepared for you a diverse Gallery rustic kitchens for your inspiration and love with you discuss in future tentative implementation of your requirements and propose an appropriate solution for your new rustic kitchen on peace. Subsequently, we have created a no-obligation quote.

Rustic kitchens is characterized by the fact that the majority do not associate with living area like a kitchen is modern, but with only the dining room, although not always so it must be. Rustic kitchens are a reflection of the older technology of production, mainly in terms of what the kitchen door. Rustic kitchen are more decorated than the kitchen modern and thereby induce a more cozy atmosphere. In rustic kitchens at peace with most commonly used cartridge door and high profiled shaped ramps, whether made of solid wood or imitation. As regards the level of rustic kitchen, so you can say that the urban modern kitchen will be less decorated than the rural kitchens. In rustic kitchens tailored to use recessed grips, but the classic handles. In rustic kitchens, modern kitchens, as opposed to using more natural materials, so that the working area is not artificial, but of natural stone or solid wood or imitation. Poultice for the desktop is of ceramic tiles and rural kitchens of tiles with different themes. The selection of kitchen appliances is influenced by the style of the rustic kitchens and appliances are an important detail that underlines the specific style of kitchen.

We produce custom rustic kitchen with absolute precision and only from high-quality materials in our family company in the Czech Republic. On our rustic kitchens provide a 5 year warranty on the joiner's processing. For the production we use high-quality bespoke kitchen fittings by BLUM with a lifetime guarantee.

David Pantyo