Kitchen – modern style

Here we have prepared for you a diverse Gallery of modern kitchens for your inspiration and we would love to discuss with you in future tentative implementation of your requirements and propose an appropriate solution for your new custom modern kitchen. Subsequently, we have created a no-obligation quote.

Modern kitchens is the so-called "heart of the home", from   because of the still increasing links with   living area, where the family spends most of the common time. From the modern kitchens are therefore expected to be representative of the appearance and clean lines to also visit could admire its design. Of course there is the alignment of the style of modern kitchen with the living room or the downstream   dining area. At   bespoke modern kitchen to find majority of flat surfaces and clean lines. In the   of modern kitchens can be applied to almost any shades of color and trend is becoming increasingly incorporate, for example, into a colorful glossy modern kitchen such as contrast and connection with nature   a piece of solid wood, whether only coarsely machined worktops kitchen island, or in the form of a door, for example,   in the high-a colorless gloss. A very common type of surface treatment in the   of modern kitchens is a high gloss. The style of modern kitchens also affects the selection of kitchen appliances. The most common variant of the appliances are fully integrated to at least see the parts of the appliance, thereby negatively affecting the clean design of the modern kitchen. Also recycle bin must not interfere with the design of a modern kitchen, and should therefore be integrated in   form outlet into the sink cabinet. To   modern kitchens also include modern materials. And so a common material for the working surface is artificial stone, which is associated with the sink of the same material or as a thin compact disk. As regards the rear panel in the work area, so in modern kitchens without a doubt include stained glass, or the material used on the desktop. Design custom modern kitchen not to interfere with or inappropriately chosen lighting. Also forging is an important detail that must not be neglected. A common variant of the hooks in the   of modern kitchens are handles recessed from   because of the non-clean lines of modern kitchens. Financially more demanding "high-tech" variant is a power handle-less design. However, in order to help us modern kitchens too purist and coolly, not revive her from purely natural element, whether in the form of   already mentioned the wooden part of the kitchen or herbs in   pots.

Modern kitchens are tailored with absolute precision and only from high-quality materials in our family company in the Czech Republic. On our modern kitchens, we offer 5-year warranty on the joiner's processing. For the production we use high-quality bespoke kitchen fittings by BLUM with a lifetime guarantee.

David Pantyo