Our Activities

Our main activity is providing custom atypical kitchen and all interior furniture for residential and commercial spaces.
We also produce atypical interior doors, stairs and renovate historic furniture as well. The main advantage of our work is the variability of materials, finishes, and sizes of overall design of these products.
We will discus with you, for free and without any obligations, your requirements and we will suggest the appropriate solution to your new kitchen or furniture. We will do it in the site of future implementation. For the complete realization of interiors, we offer the services of an architect. In our production we can arrange themselves and related fields such as Glaziers, locksmiths, etc. To get an idea of the precision of the final form of the project we cooperate with graphics that make up the different types of 3D visualizations.

Well, we know that is not enough to produce, just ' furniture ' standard and therefore will always try to combine with   feeling in the   our products quality and design. To   the production of furniture, therefore we only use quality materials, because these are the basis for more accurate results.

To provide full service to our clients, I attended the following courses.




Architect services

  • personal consultation with a client and interior visit
  • complete interior design and the possibility of its realization
  • spatial studies (2D, 3D visualization)
  • proposal to measure furniture, produce all documents for its production and personal supervision during installation